Life in the amber forest

„Life in the amber forest” is a permanent educational exhibition at the Faculty of Biology University of Gdańsk, devoted to amber and its inclusions. Opened in August 2013, it is a compendium of knowledge on amber, presenting its origin, history, beauty and scientific values.
The main section of the show is a diorama – the first in Poland 3-dimensional model of an amber forest on a 1:1 scale. On the exhibition, it is possible to trace the history of amber – from liquid resin forming different types of traps, in which animals and insects were entombed, to the inclusions – preserved in amber evidence, what of what has happened over 40 million years ago in the Eocene forest.
Its production was financed by the European Fund of Regional Development, and specimens in the specially designed boxes are gifts from amber workers.
The exhibition is free to visit on your own with a private guide: with the mobile App “Wystawy Wydziału Biologii UG” (do not be afraid only the title of the app is in Polish, the descriptions are in English).